28 September 2007

Giuliani Announces Increasing Connecticut Strength

The conventional wisdom has always been that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani would be an extremely strong candidate here in Connecticut. Many of the good folks of Fairfield County commute into the City each day and know firsthand about the accomplishments and improvements made to the Big Apple during the Giuliani years. And no one forgets the 66 Connecticut residents lost their life on 9/11 nor the leadership shown by the Mayor thereafter.

It is against this backdrop that the Giuliani for President campaign makes inroads in Connecticut, and it clearly seems to be paying off. In our recent poll here, 31.5% of the vote went to Giuliani. With this in mind, it comes as little surprise that Giuliani announces today the growing strength of his campaign in Connecticut. In addition to the previously announced leaders of his campaign in the State, Senate Republican Leader John McKinney and House Republican Leader Larry Cafero, elected officials from all walks of life are now on board.

Ralph Capenera, a small businessman and member of the Republican State Central Committee will be the First Congressional District Regional Chairman.

Senator John Kissel from Enfield and State Representative Ray Kalinowski will be the 2nd District Regional Chairs.

Mayor Seb Giuliano of Middletown and Mayor Joe Maturo of East Haven, plus RSCC Member Art DeSorbo, will head up the 3rd District efforts.

Senator Dan Debicella will be chairman in the 4th District and

Mayor Tim Stewart in the 5th District.

It's a veritable "Who's Who" of Connecticut Republican politics from all across the State. Cafero is quoted thus: “Connecticut voters know of the executive leadership experience and the record of real results Rudy Giuliani got as Mayor of our neighbor New York City. We know he is the most experienced candidate who will get the same real results as President of the United States.”

In Connecticut, it seems, Giuliani will be the man to beat.


Anonymous said...

9/11!!!! 9/11!!!! 9/11!!!!9/11!!!! 9/11 is everything, everywhere, the whole universe and all within and without it! 9/11!!! 9/11!!!!9/11!!!!

ZRASEC said...

Rudy should be in the democrotatic party..What the hell is he doing here? oh wait...911 changed everything.