27 September 2007

Danbury Sued for Arresting Illegal Immigrants

The News-Times has the story here. As just seen on FOXNEWS, the city of Danbury was sued for aiding ICE in the arrest of illegal immigrants. Quotes from the story:

"I get out of the van to help demolish a fence, and all of the sudden I'm surrounded, shoved against the van, and told not to move," said Juan Barrera, one of the 11, who spoke at a press conference Wednesday in Danbury held to announce the lawsuit.

Danbury's Republican Mayor, Mark Boughton, said this: "This was an ICE operation from the beginning. They were arrested on federal charges by ICE. We helped ICE like we would help any federal agency that asks," Boughton said. "We've helped the FBI, DEA, Secret Service and ICE."

A week earlier, Baker said part of Danbury's support in the ICE raid was that a Danbury police officer drove the van that picked up the day laborers. "This is a lot more about the politics of illegal immigration than it is about an arrest in Danbury," he said.

"My father, my cousins, my grandmother all went through the process. They've been very frustrated by the process and in some cases thwarted by the process, but they'd be the first people to say you have to obey the law," Saadi said.