27 September 2007

400th Post: The Big One

Genghis Conn over at Connecticut Local Politics did a 'State of the Blogosphere' post once that was a very instructive guide for getting into the often complex world of niche blogging. At that time, February 5, 2006, the blog Connecticut Conservative was one of the small handful of right-minded blogs that represented Republicans in the Connecticut blogosphere. But that blog's creator, Sean, migrated to CTLP and then disappeared and was never heard from again. Since that time, Connecticut Republicans had been without a significant 'single stop' for blogging in the Nutmeg state.

Chairman Chris Healy came to the CTGOP with the aim of contributing to a turnaround of the Republican Party's fortunes in Connecticut. The disappointing 2006 election season, in which the disgust from Republicans over runaway spending and ethical lapses, war weariness from independent voters, and a virulent strain of antipathy motivating liberals, all combined to cause the stinging defeat of Rep. Nancy Johnson in the 5th District and Rep. Rob Simmons in the 2nd District. Many Republicans were, and continue to be, openly derisive of their Party. And so there was much to be done to re-energize Connecticut Republicans.

One effort we have made is to, on a daily basis, contribute to the political dialogue by blogging each day about current news and events - live blogging in some cases, and in most others reporting and commenting on issues as they arise. And by doing this, we have become a hub for Republicans in this State who seek out more information on politics. Our readership has grown from a few people each day to over a hundred each day. And we continue to grow.

The Everyday Republican will work to include new content and more information in the weeks and months ahead. We hope you will continue to visit.


CasualObserver said...

Well done! Congratulations. Look forward to many more conservative ruminations and information.