24 September 2007

Chris Dodd: Running for Dad

Connecticut's senior U.S. Senator, Chris Dodd, is running for President - in case you hadn't noticed. And he isn't just running to occupy the government housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he is running for his dad. The New York Times is on the story today, reporting that a Dodd candidacy subplot is the resurrection of the good name of Thomas Dodd.

"His campaign is about ending the Iraq war, restoring rights to detainees and promising financial security to the nation’s retirees. But on a deeper level, his campaign is the most public chapter in his career-long quest for his father’s redemption."

"Three years later, in 1974, Mr. Dodd successfully ran for an open seat in the Second Congressional District, in eastern Connecticut. He said at the time that he had been “sort of sucked in” to the race by his father’s supporters, and he found that the Dodd name, on balance, was helpful. "