24 September 2007

The 400 Club

We are approaching our 400th post here at The Everyday Republican. When we started this project back in May, we never imagined quite where it would take us. In the span of less than six months, we have been able to provide a centralized resource for Connecticut Republicans, and a place for you to come and read about local, state, and federal events, all from a Connecticut perspective.

We've covered the Presidential campaigns thoroughly - from parades and trips to New Hampshire, to a Presidential debate Live Blog. Our coverage has been unprecedented in Connecticut, and we look forward t0 providing more of the same.

The tracking numbers are somewhat misleading, in that we switched tracking devices in July so we don't have an accurate count on how many people have visited our site over the course of its existence. But since the end of July, we've had over 6,000 visitors come to The Everyday Republican, and we look forward to continuing our work.