11 August 2007

Surprise! Oh Never Mind - Its Romney

After sitting and waiting, and waiting, for the results, the Iowa Straw Poll is over and done. To exactly no one's surprise, former Gov Mitt Romney won the day with 31% of the vote. Governor Mike Huckabee rose to second in the poll.

Former frontrunner John McCain fell to 10th place in the Straw Poll, showing just how far he has fallen since the Presidential cycle began.

The data shows that Romney and his people did the work of turning people out successfully, and they will rightfully benefit from their diligence.

At the same time, the polling seems to indicate just how little enthusiasm there seems to be for this field as a whole, with turnout numbers being dramatically lower than originally estimated. Some will cite the heat, but its not any different from any other hot, humid Iowa summer. Perhaps that says more than the results.