12 August 2007

Dodd Winning Friends in NH

Seems the Presidential campaign of our senior senator continues to roll right along. Apparantly, he got into it with some voter in Concord at a house party the other night and the person who felt put off wrote a letter to the Concord Monitor.

In another stop, Dodd couldn't answer a man's question about immigration, begging off as if he could afford to disappoint one voter.

No one knows how much money Dodd has left to continue this charade but if there is enough to keep him in ice cubes that might be a good thing for the Republic.

Pretty soon Connecticut will have two U.S. Senators that are neither liked nor wanted by their own party. Can't wait for the JJB dinner.


P Henry said...

Loved hearing on WTIC, actually listened to TIC on drive home for a week. But you had a tough act to follow with Dowd Muska on WDRC.

I am sick and tired of our public servants misusing their job that we pay for to satisfy their egos.

Dodd is our senator we are a small state we need all the help we can get, and having our Senators indulge their egos by running for President does not serve their employers.

Want to run, fine then quit! Of course Dodd could not raise what money he has without his banking committee position.

By the time this is over, Dodd will have "won" many new friends in CT.

Did you see Dodd's body language at the last debate, titled "Dear Hillary I love you?".

Satire is wasted on these people.