29 August 2007

Special Announcement! "First in the Fall" Debate Next Week

On Wednesday, September 5th, we will be blogging live from the Whittemore Center at the University of New Hampshire for the "First in the Fall" Republican Presidential debate, hosted by the New Hampshire Republican Party and FOXNEWS. It will appear on your television live at 9pm on Wednesday evening. All of the candidates have confirmed their attendance at the debate.

This Live Blog is our first major such event since the very popular live blog from the 2007 Prescott Bush Awards Dinner in May. We look forward to providing Connecticut Republicans a 'from the floor' look at how the Presidential debate unfolds. The focus will be on the atmosphere and surroundings of the spectacle - sort of an "ant's eye view" of the process. The debate promises to be interesting, as more people start to actually pay attention to the nomination process, as opposed to the previous decided and right lack of interest shown by most voters. From a NHGOP press release: “This debate comes just four months before the primary and at exactly the time when the universe of voters paying close attention to the campaign is expanding from mostly activists to include the broader electorate,” said Fergus Cullen, chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

As you may know, the New Hampshire GOP has allotted us a small number of tickets for interested Connecticut Republicans. If you are interested, you should call CTGOP HQ immediately, 860-296-9900, to learn more about the opportunity.