29 August 2007

Put Your Name in Lights . . .

. . . as long as your name is Mitt Romney, that is.

The Mitt Romney for President campaign announced today that they are hosting a "Your Ad Here" contest to generate the next TV ad for the Romney campaign. Interested Romney supporters can craft an advertisement for submission at the Romney website, and then the campaign will pick one winning advertisement to go up on the air as an official TV advertisement.

The content, so sayeth the website, must be as follows: "Your ad can feature Mitt’s biography, his family, his record as Governor, or his agenda for a stronger America. In fact, your ad can have practically any theme you choose as long you support the campaign creatively and responsibly. Your ad must be either 27 or 57 seconds in length to make room for those much-loved legal disclaimers, in case your entry wins."

Paint on some makeup and fire up the camcorder, Romney supporters. For the next 27 to 57 seconds you could be a star!