09 August 2007

Ron Paul Revolution

CSPAN has coverage of Representative Ron Paul's appearance in Fairfield, Iowa - the Revolution continues, it seems. It is ironic in all the lackluster enthusiasm about so many of the candidates on both sides that Ron Paul seems to click with people.



Anonymous said...

True - an if Ron Paul had ANY CHANCE of being President - it might be interesting. His war views are indistinguishable from John Edwards'.

Judy Aron said...

Ron Paul is constitutionalist - I really like him for that, and so do many many other Americans who are tired of bigger government and more intrusive government. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat, but I am not liking his isolationist notion when it comes to Islamic terrorism. I do agree with his stance on NAFTA and the North American Union though.
For me he has much appeal over the "same old, same old" coming from other Republicans.