27 August 2007

Republican Candidates Out and About

Republican candidates were out in force this weekend across Connecticut, as GOP municipal candidates started to knock on doors, attend picnics and fairs, and meet their neighbors to discuss the future of their towns. Case-in-point today comes from the New Haven Register and the candidacy of Republican Tom Malone for New Haven Alderman.

Tom Malone was out campaigning this weekend with Rick Elser, the GOP candidate for Mayor. Malone was talking to voters and delivering a message of reform: "Taxes have gone up over the last four or five years more than double the rate of inflation. My questions to my neighbors are: Do they feel they’re getting a good return on their investment of tax dollars? Do they feel resources are improving?" he said.

As Republican candidates take their message to the streets, look for people to take notice - its time for changes at the local level to happen - and happen now. Accountability, honesty, and reform are the priorities of Republican candidates across this state - and people are listening.