01 August 2007

Dr. Rudy

Rudy Giuliani, the Former New York City Mayor stopped by the Norwalk Hospital Tuesday in an effort to unveil his healthcare proposal. Giuliani initially met with doctors from the facility and later spoke to the public about his proposals.

With medical professionals surrounding him Giuliani said his proposal would prompt people to take more control of their health and more responsibility for health care.¹

"In America, that's how we solve problems," Giuliani said during a press conference at Norwalk Hospital.²

Giuliani was greeted with a thunderous applause while many regulars at the hospital did seem a little taken aback by all the commotion.

One point of comedy came right before the mayor came off the elevator. The press, which were squeezed together hoping to get their first shot of Giuliani, were gripping their cameras and tripods with force every time the elevator doors opened. When they finally did to the Medias dismay, they revealed several female volunteers who in runway fashion walked out the hospital hallway under a sea of applause and laughter by the press. And who says there is no comedy in politics?

Below are a few pictures from the event.

1,2: The Connecticut Post
Note: The Connecticut Republican Party does not endorse or take sides in the Republican Primary