01 August 2007

Chris Murphy’s Doubletalk

Have you ever met someone who says they hate the way the government is doing business but never end up voting? Chris Murphy might as well fall into that mold. Medill Reports an online news service reports that the freshman congressman wasn’t satisfied with the lobbying reform bill which was just cleared by the House of Representatives.

Murphy stated “Although the lobbying reform bill is important, our work isn’t done.” What Murphy did not say was that he missed an initial vote on tougher rules on lobbyists back in June.

Murphy was just 1 of 8 democrats and the only democratic freshman to miss H.R. 420 a key vote to toughen rules on lobbyists.

According to the Majority Accountability Project “Murphy’s absence marks the second time in as many weeks that he has failed to make Congressional reforms when given the opportunity.”

As reported in the New Britain Herald Murphy said “Missing that one vote was an oversight on my part,” he said. “I got caught up in conversation off the floor.” Murphy went on to say “I’ve made mistakes before. I’ll probably make them again.”

Chris Murphy might not be “satisfied” but when your not there for the full game can you really be counted on to win for the people you represent?


Anonymous said...

Let's just end all the nonsense. VOTE DAVID CAPPIELLO FOR CONGRESS!!!