13 August 2007

Democrats Drop Ball On Crime Legislation After Cheshire Deaths

From John Foley's Column in Today's New London Day:

Monday musings. The Republican proposal for a special session of the state Legislature on methods to combat crime died at birth when it was opposed by Democratic leaders, with House Speaker James Amann sagely observing, “This is no time for grandstanding.''

Of course not. No need to make a show of getting worked up simply because the public is overly perturbed about that unpleasantness in Cheshire three weeks ago and because the Board of Pardons and Parole had earlier allowed two persons connected with it to vacate the lodgings regularly provided for them by the state. Doesn't everyone err, on occasion?

Then, too, there are the usual complaints, although they seem more strident this year, from those pesky people who are always telling their elected representatives that the state must step in and do something about crime because, as they snidely remark, many cities are becoming more dangerous than downtown Baghdad.

Time for those people to get a life. Haven't they heard about guard dogs, triple locks and home alarm systems? Time for them to realize, too, that the Democrats are determined to do something about crime one of these days. Just as long as the Republicans don't come up with something first again, of course.