13 August 2007

Chris Murphy’s Double Talk Part 2

“I’ve been working a lot on ethics reform, trying to make sure that Congress is tightening its rules for its members of Congress and enforcing them. And I think that that is a big part in making people believe in government again is making them think that Congress is actually making sure that folks are held accountable for their misdeeds.”
-Chris Murphy on Face the State August 12, 2007
But the truth of the matter is that when time came to vote on the lobbying reform bill Murphy wasn’t there. The bill was created to reign in the influence of lobbyists in Washington, D.C.

According to the New Britain Herald Murphy “got caught up in conversation off the floor.” However, Murphy then told the Hartford Courant “he did not remember where he was.” Murphy later told both papers that missing the key vote was simply an “oversight.”

Murphy has proven that he just isn’t there for the people of the 5th district.

What’s more is that during the 2006 campaign Murphy’s website stated:
"Clearly the Ethics Committee that congress has today doesn't work." (Official Website)

However, in his first opportunity to put partisan politics aside for the sake of cleaning up the mess in Washington, Murphy went back on his word by voting to give John Murtha a pass on a significant ethical breach.

Murtha threatened to cut off earmarks for not ONE, but TWO members of Congress who voted against a Murtha-sponsored project that has been deemed wasteful and a "boondoggle." (House Roll Call 402)

When he had another chance to take a stand against corrupt behavior, Murphy voted behind-the-scenes to allow FBI bribery suspect Congressman William Jefferson to sit on the Homeland Security panel and have access to top US secrets.

Looks like Murphy’s hand is caught in the cookie jar again with his double speak that the people of the 5th district are getting to know real well.