07 August 2007

Amann Huffs on Bridge Repairs

In a hastily called news conference yesterday, House Speaker Jim Amann demonstrated there is no limit to the amount of money he wants to spend to make himself pertinent. In his typical windbag way, Amann accused Governor Rell of somehow being disconnected from maintaining the state's bridges and roads. Amann wants to spend $150 million in bond money for road and bridge repairs as compared to the Governor's $100 proposal, released hours before.

Office of Policy and Management Secretary Robert Genurario rightly pointed out that the Democrats talk a big game, but are more concerned with inserting pet projects in their proposals that have nothing to do with basic maintenance.

There is no evidence that any of the bridges and roads in Connecticut are about to collapse similar to the tragic incident in Minneapolis last week which is still under investigation. Certainly there is room to improve and take immediate steps to accelerate inspections and temporary repairs when needed. But that didn't stop Amann from pointing to the tragedy in the Twin Cities to make his point. Everyone at the Conneticut Department of Transportation is on heightened alert as our other state agencies around the country. Let them do their work.