19 July 2007

We're All Newtonians Now - Or at Least I am

Newt Gingrich storms Bethlehem, Pennsylvania tonight as the keynote speaker for Impact ’07: A Leadership Awakening at Lehigh University Stabler Arena.

The former Speaker of the House will pat the backs of fellow leaders former NFL player Garry Cobb, radio host Bobby Gunther Walsh, and motivational speaker Reggie Showers.

While Newt talks up leadership, the papers talk up his potential as a presidential candidate:

A Gingrich candidacy would hinge on three broad themes, he said.
''How do we renew and deepen American civilization?…How do we defend America and our allies and defeat our enemies? And how do we transform government from a world that fails to a world that works?'' he said. ''Those are the three themes we are working on and whatever I do in the rest of my public life will always involve those three themes.''

Newt never was a bumper sticker kind of guy. But his sore jaw could be a plus, according to his former Press Secretary, Christina Martin, whom I interviewed last October for the Harvard Salient:

Salient: Do you think Newt Gingrich will run?

Martin: I think he’s still deciding whether or not he wants to do this and is waiting to see who the other candidates are and whether there’s a void. Whether he runs or he doesn’t run, he is in a position to change the political debate. He more than any one, any candidate of either party, could drive a discussion of ideas and solutions. He’s a great debater. He’s a great presenter of ideas and in-depth discussion. If you could get him on a stage with Republicans and Democrats alike, you could have a very different political debate than you would have in this current environment of trading soundbites and barbs.

Newt's a story-teller, as his supporters know well from his talks. And a story-teller makes for a good read, as the Washington Post proved last month.

He's funny too.