10 July 2007

McCain: On the Inside Looking Out

John McCain is stumping in his favorite primary state, New Hampshire, where he plans to hold a town hall meeting at the Claremont American Legion Post this coming Saturday.

The Straight Talk Express is still burning rubber, yet its skid marks are covering more than New Hampshire. In 2000, McCain focused on New Hampshire and ignored Iowa, where he claimed to have spent $1,500, “including steak dinners and airfare.”

But McCain is eating more steak dinners nowadays. Yesterday, Arizona’s senior Senator announced his Plymouth County leadership team in the Hawkeye State.

McCain also is burnishing a new medal. No longer Washington’s favorite outsider, McCain boasts his experience inside the Beltway as his greatest asset. Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge recently wrote an editorial in support of McCain, citing his ability to “see over the horizon to understand problems before they become the kind of challenges that Washington so often buries in a barrage of code words and catch phrases…”

While Rudy and Romney promise to change Washington, McCain purports to know Washington – a different route for the StraightTalk Express.