19 July 2007

John Edwards' School Plan Gets an 'F'

Here's an interesting piece from the Club for Growth lambasting Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards Education proposal:

Washington – Today, the Club for Growth gave John Edwards’ $100 million education program a grade of F.

In a plan to be unveiled later today as part of his nationwide poverty tour, Edwards argues that the country’s schools have become segregated by race and income. Instead of embracing a competitive education system through school choice, Edwards promises to pour millions of dollars into inner-city schools to attract suburban children and pay off suburban schools for enrolling low-income students. His plan echoes a long track record of opposing genuine education reform.

During his six years in the Senate, Edwards voted against school choice programs twice:

Voted against a proposal to establish a pilot voucher program, paid for by eliminating certain subsidies for ethanol, oil, gas, and sugar (RC #238, 07/30/99)

Voted against a 2001 amendment to create a pilot voucher program for low-income students (RC #179, 06/12/01)

“I guess decades of failed education policy are not enough for John Edwards,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “One has to wonder though, how many years will be enough.

When will Edwards finally realize that pouring more money into an education monopoly is not going to make our schools any better? When will he realize that the same money can be given to low-income parents to make their own education choices for their children?”

“While John Edwards throws himself at the feet of the teachers unions, local governments across America are implementing school choice programs with real success,” Mr. Toomey continued. “If John Edwards truly cared about education, he would support school choice programs that have a proven track record of working.

Unfortunately, Edwards cares more about winning points from his special-interest buddies at the NEA than he does about genuine education progress.”