27 June 2007

Wright Man for the Job in Newington

With the municipal races for the fall starting to align, news comes today from Newington that former Republican Town Committee Chairman and current Republican State Central Committee Member Jeff Wright has announced his intention to run for Mayor.

Wright is a former member of the United States Marine Corps and a longtime Newington resident. As a member of the board of the Metropolitan District Commission, Jeff is very familiar with many of the issues currently facing Newington as a town and the region.

Quoted in the Courant today, Wright properly cited the cause for high taxes and ineffective governance - long time Democratic control of the town. "Things have to change a lot to get it back on track and get it in the right direction."

Like other Republicans running for municipal offices and then next year for the state legislature, the Democrats have been in power for too long. They have grown too comfortable in wielding control without the commensurate increase in proficiency, it seems. With Jeff Wright and candidates like him stepping up to challenge the status quo, there are better days ahead for Republicans in Connecticut.