27 June 2007

Governor Vetoes Discount Tuitions for IIlegal's

Bravo to Governor Rell for vetoing the bill that would have rewarded illegal immigrants with discount tuition for state colleges.

“I understand these students are not responsible for their undocumented status, having come to the United States with their parents,” Governor Rell said. “The fact remains, however, that these students and their parents are here illegally and neither sympathy nor good intentions can ameliorate that fact.”

The Governor's compassion for those who are not part of the problem was properly weighed against rewarding lawbreakers and diminishing the hard work of legal immigrants who have played by the rules. The bill, pushed through by the Democrats, would have granted a limited number of slots reserved for Connecticut residents applying to the various colleges in the University of Connecticut system.

The Governor noted in her veto message that she also does not want “to encourage individuals to circumvent federal immigration laws. The bill, by providing benefits to undocumented aliens, may serve to encourage others to come to Connecticut in violation of federal immigration law. National security in the post-9/11 world has become increasingly important and we cannot dismiss the effects of state action that may undermine federal security measures.”

Democrats gave a predictable response but will be unable to override the veto. Illegal immigration is not just a problem for the southern and western states. Many towns in Connecticut are dealing with this issues on the local level. The affect of illegal immigration is costing taxpayers millions in extra costs for education, health care and other social services.

In New Haven, the Democratic Board of Alderman recently approved a program that would give identification cards to illegal residents - thereby legitimizing their presence while other legal immigrants trudge through the citizenship process.

If ever there was a defining issue between Republicans and Democrats it is whether we are a country of laws or a country of chaos. Republicans believe that becoming an American is a right to be earned, not gifted by the whims of politicians eager for praise and support at the polls.