26 June 2007

Shelton Mayor Lauretti Seeks Reelection

Mayor Mark A. Lauretti announced his plan for reelection last night with a kick-off fundraiser at his home. Lauretti is one of the shining stars of the Republican Party. He won promising to cut taxes, rebuild the infrastructure of the decaying city and bringing jobs and opportunity.

Lauretti has delivered on all these promises with a strong fiscal hand and a vision. Slowly Shelton has emerged into a dynamic small city, which has become a place to not only do business but also move to and raise a family.

If you had stayed away from Shelton for 14 years and drove through its downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, you wouldn’t recognize it. Lauretti has never lost his common touch and stayed close to the people. He has no opponent, but Lauretti has left nothing to chance. He runs hard each and every time and doesn’t let his foes get off the canvas. A good model for other Republicans seeking local office and for those who govern.


Anonymous said...

The reality in Shelton is that taxes have gone up substantially for residences this year. I'm a Lauretti supporter, but after a revaluation - the facts don't support the slogan.