06 June 2007

Fred Thompson: Maybe Getting In?


Jim Robinson said...

During his eight years in the Senate, Thompson won his free trade credentials with his votes to extend the president's fast-track trade promotion authority and to approve permanent trading relations with China. One right-wing critic in a widely circulated internet column called Thompson a "neocon globalist" for his immigration, free trade, and foreign policy positions.
Social conservatives are also likely to question Thompson's "liberal" voting record on immigration. Although Thompson has recently written and spoken out about the need for strong border control, while in the Senate he voted to increase visas for skilled foreign workers and to increase permits for unskilled foreign farm workers. Overall, Americans for Better Immigration, an anti-immigration lobbying group, gives Thompson a career grade of C for his mixed voting record. Thompson will likely come under withering criticism from anti-immigrant candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), who mixes his social conservatism with a heavy dose of nationalism and anti-corporate populism.

CT with FRED said...

It is clear. Republicans across the nation want Fred Thompson to run. Why? Because people feel that Fred Thompson is one of US NOT one of THEM...and the people are right.

Further, Republicans know that they have to go beyond the current cast in order to Win in November '08

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