06 June 2007

Capitol Update - Rell, Republicans Holding Firm on Taxes

This is a live update outside the House Chamber - 4:20 DST

Governor Rell stood firm with House and Senate Republicans today as the Legislative Session moves to its Constitutionally required adjournment at midnight.

Gov. Rell said no tax increase was necessary and that the Democrats was simply in a dream world.

"The majority party is utterly intent on increasing spending and raising taxes, neither of which as governor, I will allow to happen," said Rell.

And while Democrats and Republicans leaders continue to meet on the budget, our sources say the Democrats are still talking about raising the corporate income tax, raising taxes on cigarettes and hiking the income tax.

State Rep. Cameron Staples, D-New Haven, co-chairman of the Appropriations Committee, said he was mystified why Republicans don't understand the need for a progressive tax system.

Aside from holding the line on the income tax, Republicans are working to eliminate "cliffs" in the estate tax or abolish it altogether.

If the session ends without a budget, then a Special Session will be called, probably next week, We will keep you posted on what we need to do to support our Governor and our House and Senate legislators to keep the Democrats pinned down.

House Republican Leader Larry Cafero, R-Norwalk, has his "Fighting 44" fired up, disciplined and standing together. Last night's caucus when Larry spoke to his members on the value of standing for one's principles was inspirational. It proves what can happen when we stick together and work for a common goal.

This is an amazing turn of events and it is due to all of you keeping the faith and working hard. Our entire Republican team is directing the debate and the people are finally see what separates us from the Democrats.

Stay tuned for developments........