21 June 2007

CTGOP on the March

Today is a prime example of the renewed energy here at CTGOP and the efforts we are making to implement technology to improve communication and better advocate for Republicans in Connecticut.

Chairman is in his office recording a podcast that we'll post to the website, probably later this afternoon. I haven't heard it or seen the copy yet, but I can hear him laughing about it through the wall.

The interns are working on implementing Twitter into both the 'big' website and here at Everyday. This feature is something new that a lot of people seem to be implementing - Fred Thompson, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and House Republican Leader John Boehner, for example are all on Twitter. You can see the nifty little boxes now located on the 'big' site, www.ctgop.org as well as here at Everday. Using this feature, we will be able to post short clips about what is going on at CTGOP, what we are working on, where we are, or some fun tidbit that we find.

The Database Manager has the volunteers are updating the Town Committee list while he gets some information together to update the State Central Committee Members page. Committee Members should remember to check back there soon for the newly added content.

And here I am, blogging about it at Everyday. Readership here at Everday has really grown nicely over the course of its short existence - the number of unique visitors and returning visitors jumps upward each week.

As we work to make these advances, keep coming back this summer to see what's new.