20 May 2007

Today We Start Working for Ourselves

Today, in case you missed it, is Tax Freedom Day in Connecticut. According to numerous studies, including the Tax Foundation Connecticut is the last state to come on board and break free of taxes for the rest of the year.

That means, when you add up the income tax, property taxes, sales tax, taxes on gasoline, cigarettes and everything else not nailed down, Connecticut residents work longer than their fellow Americans in every state in union - including New York, which is second, four days to the better, New Jersey, which is 10 and the People's Republic of Vermont, which got liberated 11 days ago.

This says it all and why the fight at the State Capitol and in every corner of Connecticut is so important. It seems ridiculous that we have come to this, but it has. Democrats come forward and still say our tax system needs to be more "progressive," which is code for paying more. If you don't pay any taxes in Connecticut, the Democrats will hand you money under the Earned Income Tax Credit. If you pay almost 80 percent of all the taxes paid in Connecticut as a group, then the Democrats want to tax you more and redistribute their gains.

Meanwhile, the Allied Van Line moving company's phones are ringing off the wall. And for the working poor, get in line to pay more for children's clothing, gas and cigarettes. That is tax relief as defined by the Connecticut Democratic party in Hartford.

So, relax, you are now working for yourself. Keep that coffee tin with quarters close, the Democrats might be coming for that soon.