18 May 2007

One Gun Duel in the Sun

Democrats are scrambling each and every day to cover their tax hiking tracks. Yesterday, House Republicans tried to put the Democrats on record against cutting tax at the gas pump with procedural amendments. Cutting gas taxes at the retail and wholesale level helps the Middle Class and working stiffs the most, but to here the Democrats tell it, we need higher fuel costs to balance the books of social injustice. And the Democrats want to end the clothing tax exemption on purchases under $50, hike taxes on funerals and cigarettes.

Worse, their income tax proposal is the same old "millionaire's tax" gimmick redressed as a relief plan. For the better part of a story in the Hartford Courant today, they claim to offer relief by increasing taxes on the top five percent of the income earners to doll out measly tax cuts to everyone else. Remember that five percent carries most of the tax burden in Connecticut and they are people most likely to strike the colors and move south when the tax bill comes from Speaker Amann and his troops in the Class Warfare Brigade.

The Courant implies the Republicans and Democrats are offering alternatives to cutting taxes. The only tax cut proposal is the House Republican proposal which has been embraced in part by Governor Rell who doesn't believe any tax increase is necessary.

Has it dawned on the Democrats we have lost thousands of high income earning taxpayers over the last several years because of their idea of "progresivity.?" The only progression is the line of high end earners heading to their local town halls to grab a change of address form.

Also in today's edition of Pravda, a study shows a direct correlation between higher energy costs and a slowing economy, Energy costs in Connecticut rank near the top nationally and the Democrats have failed to act on any energy initiatives. The House Republicans and Governor Rell have offered several proposal to cut taxes for businesses and streamline the process for more electrical energy to be produced. Speaker Amannn promised action last year in a Special Session. Well, no Special Session and nothing has been done this session. The Democratic co-chairmen of the Energy and Technology Committee don't even speak to one another.

After two decades of turning the Legislature into their own employment agency, doubling the size of the budget, instituting a "temporary income tax," driving out manufacturing and white collar jobs - the Democrats have finally, finally been exposed for what they are - an incompetent, dangerous collection of liberal oligarchs eager to change the subject and get out of town by June 6.


Bo ItsHaky said...

Re: One (Loose ‘n Crushing) Gun Duel in the Sun

Recent and improved unified actions by the State Republicans suggest promising outcomes. A case scenario where Super-Minority does transforms itself into – well not a Super-Majority (yet) – although most certainly a Super-Team with a constructive smashing impact on Connecticut’s People well-being.



Bo ItsHaky