24 May 2007

Murphy & Courtney - Wimps on Steroids

Now the voters who decided to throw out two patriots last fall - Nancy Johnson and Rob Simmons - are seeing what they got in the deal to "send a message."

A new vote is scheduled shortly in the House to authorize funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan - one without a deadline for withdrawal and votes failed to materialize in the U.S. Senate to accommodate the surrender lobby led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV.

Now Chris Murphy is fumbling with his cue cards, looking for the one that deals with courage. Joe Courtney, who had an opportunity to stand up like and man and tell President Bush what he really thought of him, face to face, took a powder yesterday and stayed in Washington to vote on a bill that would go after the big bad oil companies.

Dave Lightman said that Murphy and Courtney are "anguished" over this vote. Anguished? How about the men and women on point in the streets of Baghdad? Are they anguished or just ashamed?

Had he been able to talk to Bush, Courtney said, "I would have conveyed to him how I was one of those challengers who argued against the war and was successful."

Lightman wrote this about Courtney and Murphy's machinations:"

Asked how much Bush would be moved by such conversation, Courtney said, "not much."

Then, why not send him a stronger message and reject the compromise - and hold out for timetables?

Like Murphy, he wants to think about things.

"I just want time to study this," Murphy said. "I'm willing to read the thing before making a decision on something so important."

Memorial Day is upon us. It is disgraceful to think Joe Courtney and Chris Murphy will be marching in parades to honor the sacrifices of our men and women while pondering support for our new heroes in the war on terror.