24 May 2007

Jim Amann - World Economist

House Speaker Jim Amann prevented a vote on cutting taxes on gasoline yesterday. And in his amazing, told reporters that drivers who fill up their tanks are helping terrorists, who you see, are supported by the countries that produce our oil.

He also said the Legislature had no control of over "world economics," meaning the laws of supply and demand. Fair enough, but the one issue they do control is state taxes - both retail and wholesale. When Republicans tried to force a vote through an amendment Wednesday, Amann shut it down saying:

"We do not debate issues on the floor of the House when we've got two weeks left that basically is a grandstanding move to try to put Democrats in jeopardy," Amann said.

You can't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

There is a contender to Jim Amnn. Rocco J. Frank Jr. decided to put himself up. Let the "Crushing" begin. Hopefully it will be Amann's ego that gets crushed in 08 that arrogant creep. Give Frank your support help rid this state of the "Amann virus!"

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