03 December 2007

It Came from the 32nd District

The Waterbury Republican-American has several bits of fresh news on the race to fill the State Senate vacancy in the 32nd District.On the Democratic side, it now appears that there will be at least two candidates vying for the seat: Kenny Curran of Bethlehem, the campaign manager for Hartford Mayor 'Fast' Eddie Perez's '07 campaign will square off against John T. McCarthy, who may or may not be this John T. McCarthy:

John T. McCarthy was ambassador to Tunisia 1991-94, during which time he carried on an official dialogue with Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat. He was ambassador to Lebanon 1988-90, at the end of that country's civil war. He recently retired after a long career in government service, which began when he joined the Foreign Service in 1962. He spent the next 35 years working at the State Department in Washington D.C. or at various American embassies and consulates overseas. He currently serves on the board of Save the Children USA and continues to travel widely.
Kenny Curran Pictured

On the Republican side, former Oxford First Selectman Augie Palmer will not seek the nomination. After initially showing interest, he has opted to support State Representative Art O'Neill. Palmer's departure leaves three Republican candidates tomorrow evening, including Rep. O'Neill, Watertown Councilor Rob Kane, and Brian Koskelowski of Seymour.

Check in here tomorrow night as we cover the latest news from the 32nd District Republican Convention.


Fly to the right said...
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Fly to the right said...

I look forward to the convention tonight. It may be a tough decision as the camps seem to have strong support. There may be one or two towns that swing the vote.