05 December 2007

"Faith in America" Thursday 10:30am

With his poll numbers stagnant and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on the rise in Iowa and national polls, the long anticipated Romney "religious issue" speech is finally going to happen. Apparently unfazed by the Kennedy parallels, Romney will be in Texas at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library tomorrow to give a speech the Romney campaign has (creatively) dubbed "Faith in America".

It appears as though the Romney folks have a great deal riding on tomorrow's speech, having done a full week worth of buildup and will even be live streaming the event on their website, (creatively dubbed) www.mittromney.com . With so much at stake at such a critical time, many are speculating what Mr. Romney will say in his personally-written speech.

The reality is despite Romney's well-financed efforts in Iowa and New Hampshire, the so-called "Huckaboom" has certainly spooked the high command of the Romney effort. Mr. Huckabee has, according to the tracking at Real Clear Politics, has climbed from fourth to first in the space of roughly six weeks in Iowa polling. The Speech, as they say, certainly has the hallmarks of a "do or die" gamble from Mr. Romney. After the widespread hype, anything less than JFK redux may put the former Massachusetts' Governor's campaign into freefall. And even then, with the expectations bar so high, it is difficult to fathom the benefits to meeting or (how is this even possible?) exceeding them.

Whatever the result, tune into www.mittromney.com tomorrow at 10:30am to see "Faith in America" as it happens.