08 November 2007

Q Poll - Chris Dodd Phone Home!

The voters of Connecticut believe what we all know to be true, that Chris Dodd is not doing his job as our U.S. Senator and should quit his quixotic quest for the Presidency, according to Republican State Party Chairman Chris Healy.

Thursday’s result of a Quinnipiac University poll showed that voters by a 55-29 margin believe Sen. Dodd is spending “too much time on the presidential campaign trail and not enough time serving as our Senator.”

Voters also say by a 70-21 percent margin that Dodd should drop out of the presidential race.

“It’s time for Chris Dodd to strike his tent in Iowa, and go back to Washington, D.C. where the people of Connecticut expect him to be working on what we care about – the war of terror, lowering taxes and keeping our economy growing,” said Healy. “Chris Dodd will be President when Tony Soprano is elected the Pope.”

Healy said Dodd should also explain why he has used his position as the chairman of the Senate Banks Committee to elicit campaign contributions from financial and securities firms which he has jurisdiction. According to Open Secrets, Dodd has reaped close to $5.1 million from financial, insurance and real estate interests with another $1.1 coming for lawyers.

“Chris Dodd has had a lot of fun on the campaign trail – at the expense of Connecticut’s families,” said Healy. “He has had his turn, missed votes and placed Connecticut in the rear view mirror. Now it is time for Chris Dodd to decide whether he wants to be our Senator full-time or a Presidential candidate full time. Senator Dodd should choose a gig.”

Healy said there are many Republicans candidates who could serve our state in the Senate if Sen. Dodd decides to step down and devote his energies to the Presidency.


Anonymous said...

Dodd moves his family to Des Moines

From wire reports
Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd has moved his family of four to a three-bedroom, three-bath house in west Des Moines.

He pulled his 6-year-old daughter, Grace, out of her Washington, D.C., kindergarten class last week and re-enrolled her in Iowa. Wife Jackie, an international business consultant, and their younger daughter, Christina, 2, are also along, as Dodd tries to reinvigorate a presidential campaign that's failed to crack 1 percent in the Iowa polls.

"This shows his commitment to the state and the people and the caucus process," spokeswoman Taylor West said.

What about his commitment to us in Connecticut ??? Come home Chris or freaking stay in Iowa . . .

Bo ItsHaky said...

Re: Q Poll – Chris Dodd Phone Home; by Chris Healy

‘bout Dodd’s bout…


Dodd’s a dude-dud,

Leave Dodd alone! (…see “Leave Britney Alone” at youtube.com)


Boaz ItsHaky

Judy Aron said...

Hey, if he doesn't have legal residency in CT how can he still be our senator?

By the River said...

Please stay away Senator. While you were sleeping in Iowa, your party was sleeping in your hometown and East Haddam Democrats were swept out of power for the first time in 30 years. If you stay away long enough, Nutmeggers may just find someone who will show up to do the job you were elected to do.

Anonymous said...

I guess Iowa became the first state to have 3 Senators, while Connecticut has 1.
At least our senator is Joe. Hey Iowa, we will trade Dodd for Charles Grassley. (and if you want us to even out the trade -- we'll throw in Laura DeRosa and John Larson, too.)