14 November 2007

Creeping Back to Normal

As the municipal election cycle ends and the long haul toward Election Day 2008 begins, The Everyday Republican is changing back to its normal design and regular content sections that you've always enjoyed. We have been posting here since May 4, 2007 - and we've had a terrific run in the short time we've been blogging. For example:

The first blog to break the news that Republican Bruno Simonetti had won the Bolton race for First Selectman back on May 8th, 2007 - even before we started counting visitors to the site! Simonetti won by only 4 votes.

The 2007 Prescott Bush Awards Dinner Live Blog on May 24, 2007 - We had more than 400 visitors from all over the world reading along as CTGOP hosted former Tennessee Senator and (now) Presidential candidate Fred Thompson at our annual awards dinner.

We broke the news that State Senator David Cappiello had raised an astounding $200k during the first quarter of fundraising in 2007 (July 12, 2007)

September 5th Live Blog of the Republican Presidential Debate from inside the Whittemore Center at the University of New Hampshire

The first to announce that Jason Perillo of Shelton had won the race for the 113th Legislative District on October 9th

The first ever (near as we can tell) Live Blog from inside a polling place in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, on October 16th during the MA-05 Special Election

After a hiatus, "Who Will Be 44th?", our continued coverage of the race for the Republican and Democratic Presidential nominations, is back in full force starting tonight, with the below coverage of Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's first television advertisement in New Hampshire. And soon, the popular "Down the Blogroll" section will return, as we feature some of the best 'right-minded' content from across the Connecticut blogosphere.

We will be adding several sections over the coming weeks, as the Connecticut General Assembly returns for its 2008 session and the races for the General Assembly and the State Senate begin to heat up.

These and other big changes will be coming to The Everyday Republican over the course of the next several weeks, especially as we approach two benchmarks: first, we will soon post our 600th post at this site; and second, the milestone 20,000th visitor at the #1 blog for Republicans in Connecticut will arrive probably late next week. Get your news and information first every day - at The Everyday Republican.