11 November 2007

The Company That Dick Blumenthal Keeps

This week, Attorney General Dick Blumenthal made this whirlwind appearances at numerous victory celebrations around the state by big-city Democrats who presided over poverty, mayhem and generally corrupt administrations. Dick has perfected muscling into the camera angle like the fictional movie character "Zelig" defying time and space as the man who would rather spend a night at the Hampton Democratic Town Committee bean supper than spend an hour reading bedtime stories to his children.

But Tuesday's performance at Arch Street Tavern took the cake. There he was, all slicked down with that snake charmer's smile, applauding Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez for spending close to a $100 a vote to beat four challengers. Even Bill Curry understands what a joke Perez is and how he is the poster child for what is wrong with one-party rule in our cities.

But Dick Blumenthal has been making excuses for Democrats throughout his career as long as they give him some face time and share a photo or two. Perez allowed a contractor spend around $30,000 to fix his bathroom and only copped to it when caught. He gave thousands of dollars in free contract value to North End street hustler Abe Giles and thought nothing of it. Dick Blumenthal, when asked, told us to look at the big picture. What if Perez is prosecuted for taking from someone who wanted something in return? Does this sound familiar?

But John Rowland didn't get a break. He took freebies from friends and contractors. His fishing shack in Bantam got a free makeover, but at least he took out building permits to do it. Dick Blumenthal was one of the first to jump on Rowland's case. John Rowland was run out of town and ruined.

But Eddie Perez? Well, you have to look at the big picture according to Dick Blumenthal and the hypocrtes of Broad Street- the Hartford Courant. The Courant]s ability to dissemble is almost as breathtaking as Blumenthal. In one edition the Courant lauds Perez and in the next, ponders what will happen when he is indicted. But it is Blumenthal's duplicity which is truly breathtaking.

When House Speaker Jim Amann used his office to shake down lobbyists for a charity that paid the Milford Democrat to raise money, Dick Blumenthal couldn't be found, nor was an obligatory inquiry made into the charity, an organization his office has jurisdiction over. When State Rep. Don Clemons, D-Bridgeport, admitted in federal court that he witnessed a bribe and failed to report it to anyone, not a Democrat said a word, including Dick Blumenthal.

So now, Dick has put the word out that he will finally take the plunge in 2010 that he will run for Governor no matter what Jodi Rell's numbers. Democrats are frozen in place again, and again, they are too afraid to call him out. Blumenthal will never run for Governor. He doesn't want to be Governor because he doesn't like to be criticized by anyone. Criticism comes only from leadership and decision making and Blumenthal has not stomach for that. Sue easy targets, overpower the weak, humiliate the defenseless and be invisible when you lose, those are the tactics of Dick Blumenthal and he falsely hopes voters will not put the pieces together and see how psychotic and dangerous he really is.

But Tuesday's little lovefest with Fast Eddie Perez should leave little doubt that Dick Blumenthal will keep anyone's company as long as it lands him somewhere in the photo gallery. That is where we found the photo at the top. Thanks Dick.