28 November 2007

Cappiello Strong in Face of Mortgage Troubles

With his political opponents attempting to stir up some dust over Senator Cappiello's work as a loan officer, the Republican challenging Democrat one-termer Chris Murphy announced his support recently for tough new regulations on mortgage officers in the wake of the continuing troubles in subprime lending. The Danbury News-Times covered the story today. Highlights from Cappiello:

"This is not going to solve all the mortgage woes, but it's definitely a piece of the puzzle," said Cappiello, who has also worked as a loan officer for the last decade. "Right now, someone could come off the street and work for a mortgage company or bank with little or no experience."

"It only makes sense that the loan officer they are dealing with has some training and education, so they can convey the right information to the customer," he said.

-Quotes from State Sen. David Cappiello, as reported in the Danbury News-Times, by Dirk Perrefort, 11/28/2007