17 November 2007

Canadian Invasion

Upon a visit to New Hampshire to visit friends, I was minding my own business this afternoon on a brisk afternoon stroll when I ran into two gentleman going door-to-door for the Barack Obama campaign.

Interestingly, these two - introducing themselves as a Brit and a Canadian - were distributing literature for Obama. I suppose that American Presidential campaigns turn away no one who is interested, but to have foreigners doing doors in something new.


Barry said...

When I was in New Hampshire eight days ago, the only literature which I saw distributed for Democrats was for Obama. I wish I had seen the people distributing the literature -- maybe they were also foreigners! Interesting ...

Headless Horseman said...

Why not? If the Dems have their way, foreigners and illegals will be able to vote for president. Or at least drive here.

Hillary wants to give illegal immigrants drivers licenses. Well, no she doesn't. Well, yes she does, or no she doesn't...dammit, her opponents are just using Republican attacks against her... you know... expecting her to answer a question and take a position on something. Outrageous!