11 October 2007

King of the Internet Mountain

In today's edition of "Who Will Be 44th", our continuing coverage of the 2008 Presidential campaigns, we've got news from all over the nation.

Hillary Clinton, good old Hillary, she's completely dropped the pretense this week and headed out on the "Middle Class Express" bus tour. Class warfare be damned, Hillary is out their for the little guy who desperately wants the government to care for him from cradle to grave. In other news, the guy who titled the movie "Snakes on a Plane" is no longer out of work. He has obviously been hired to name bus tours for the Clinton campaign.

And Connecticut's prodigal son, Chris Dodd, was in Fairfield yesterday - Iowa, that is. Fairfield, Connecticut, reports their great relief.

When our powers combine, we still won't be President! That's the message from Democrat Senator Joe Biden and Republican Senator Sam Brownback this week as the two longshots will gang up on Friday to talk about solutions in Iraq. Their solution: dissolve Iraq. That's one way to end a civil war, I guess.

Democratic Presidential campaigns must come pre-loaded with generic press releases praising labor strikes. Edwards, Obama, Hillary.

On the Republican side, the Fred Thompson campaign is all about the debate. Tom Tancredo is bragging about his debate, too.

And I found a gem from the Huckabee folks! Look at these rankings of the Presidential campaign websites, for the Republicans and for the Democrats. Very interesting... Here are the overall ratings. Ron Paul - he's big on the Internet.