05 October 2007

Who will be 44th?

Now in a series with a totally new and exciting header, we ask the question "Who will be 44th?" That is to say, who will be the next President? A brief rundown of Republican Presidential drama today.

A Taxing Situation
'Ole Mitt Romney is in the news, pledging that he won't raise taxes. Rudy Giuliani's campaign came right back at Romney in a release today, highlighting Mitt Romney's record as Governor of Taxachusetts.

The Big 'Mo !?
Do you feel that momentum? You would if you were Mike Huckabee - the polls show that Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is gaining ground. If you don't believe me, read their blog and they will tell you so.

The Gift of Gab
The Hotline blog has the quote of the day:"Voters have a very strange way of not listening to the pundits."
-- Gary Hart, on the "inevitability" of Hillary Clinton's election victory, Boston Globe, 10/5.