01 October 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback

On Thursday when we put out CTGOP's weekly e-mail newsletter, The Republican Heard, we noted that we'd had 48 people sign up to receive our e-mails since September 6th, and we challenged our readers to find 48 more people to sign up by this Thursday. As of today, we are at 40 sign ups. If you don't receive The Republican Heard each week, why not? Click here and sign up for the weekly newsletter and other regular e-mail messages from the Connecticut Republican Party.

Also, if you didn't watch the Friday afternoon video yet, here's your last chance...

And now, today's Down the Blogroll.

California Yankee is keeping an eye on the space shuttle for us. Space Shuttle Discovery is in place on the launch pad.

Apparently one school in Chicago is banning hugging, according to Consent of the Governed. There are plenty of cheesy hugging jokes to be made, I would think.

Headless Horseman is getting excited because the calendar makes the flip to October today. He's talking puppies today.