26 October 2007

Message to Presidential Candidates: Don't Go Away Angry, Just Go Away

A bipartisan edition of "Who Will Be 44th?" today. The Presidential candidates are talking, but no one is listening.

The Hillary Clinton campaign is putting forward this theory that 25% of Republican women will end up casting their ballots for Hillary next November. There is a pleasant irony to the fact that the case for nominating one Democrat over another is based on how many Republican votes she may garner.

Chris Dodd, Connecticut's Senior Senator favorite Iowa resident,is being thanked for being a leader and other such stuff.

Joe Biden has it that the New Hampshire primary date will be set next week.

John Edwards hates corporations and loves big government. Yawn.

Fred Thompson loves Cubans and wants them all to be free.

Mike Huckabee has passed Mitt Romney in a Rasmussen national poll. Huckabee has momentum.

First Mitt Romney had a three legged stool to talk about his platform. Now he's got the four walls of the Iowa home to talk about family and faith. Everyone's new favorite game? What common object with quantifiable pieces will be next on Romney's list?

For the Republicans, Ron Paul is way out in front on the Internet, with his website grabbing 45% of the Internet market share this week.

Barack Obama is tops
on the Democrat side, with 39% of the market share.

Overall, its Ron Paul by a mile.


J Aron said...

I thought I heard the CT GOP was supporting Rudy. Why is the CT GOP supporting Rudy and not Ron Paul? What's the reasoning? I think I already know the answer, but can you do a post on that?

J Aron said...

Oh - and as a Republican woman - I wouldn't vote for Hillary if she was the last person on Earth.

Check this out

Anonymous said...

Rasmussen is a joke. Find a legit poll and then we'll talk.