18 October 2007

Goodbye Brownback

In today's edition of "Who Will be 44th?", we recognize an impending loss as the quixotic campaign of Kansas Senator Sam Brownback comes to an apparent close tomorrow. Let the lament begin.

Jewish people like Rudy Giuliani. In his speech to the faithful, Giuliani was thus quoted: "Iran is “assisting terrorists who are killing American troops,” said Giuliani, who scored the most applause lines of the day. “We’ve seen what Iran will do with ordinary weapons. If I am president of the United States, we will never find out what they would do with nuclear weapons because they would never get nuclear weapons.”

The Huckster, Mike Huckabee is apparently on the rise in Iowa. His blog has an interview with Dennis Goldford of Drake University in Des Moines. Is Huckabee really doing this well in Iowa, or are the numbers deceptive?
Huckabee's been doing right what Thompson's been doing wrong. He's working really hard. He's extremely personable. He likes to talk to people. And on paper, in terms of that core constituency among Republicans in Iowa, he ought to be doing well.

It's Paul, Huckabee, and Fred on the website popularity rankings this week for the Republicans, and Barack, Hillary, and Edwards for the Democrats.


Judy Aron said...

Well you gotta give Rudy credit for turning his nose up at a $10 million dollar Saudi check. A good number of Very Conservative and Orthodox Jews are Republicans - and they like Rudy's support of Israel.

josh said...

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Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Considering how well Howard Dean did on the net; and how poorly he did in reality - it appears that Huckabee, not Paul is the one the watch.