19 October 2007

Easily the Quote of the Day

This comment from Joe Michaud of Newington, on the opening of the new Cabela's in East Hartford:

"This puts L.L. Bean to shame," Michaud said, referring to another major outdoors retail outlet, which recently opened in South Windsor. "It's everything I expected and more; the grandiosity, the displays and the taxidermy."


Anonymous said...

He forgot to mention that Cabela's is only here because the state gave away the store with tax breaks that only drive existing businesses out of state. Milton Friedman appeared to me the other night and he said CT economic development people are a bunch of idiots.

Headless Horseman said...

Milton Friedman appeared to me the other night too. But he was wearing an ascot made of Alsatian fur, singing a tune from "Oliver" and getting a woodchuck that he shot with arrows from Cabela's stuffed.

You and I obviously don't drink the same tea before bed time.

Heath - Exec Dir said...

Anonymous commentary is so bold.

While I wouldn't be shocked to learn that a bunch of bureaucrats are idiots, I suppose we'll have to hold judgement on Cabela's for a little while.

Let Joe enjoy his taxidermy.