31 October 2007

The Day: Meskill Defied the Odds

The Day has an interesting editorial piece about Governor Thomas Meskill and his life:

"There was no way a Republican was going to get elected mayor from heavily Democratic New Britain in 1961, a time when the Democratic Party at the national level was dominant, led by the charismatic new president, John F. Kennedy. But Mr. Meskill defied expectations. Running as a fiscally conservative Republican, he was elected New Britain mayor that year. His victory came two years after losing the mayoral race by just 116 votes."

"Colleagues this week fondly remembered the former mayor, congressman, governor and judge, as an “old school” politician. A man who kept his campaigns on the high road and stayed true to his conservative ideals.

But Gov. Meskill was also a man who never gave up, and that's a life lesson everyone can learn from."