14 September 2007

Is This a Great Country, er What?

As we head into the weekend, it is comforting to see that others wish to exercise their free speech rights. Today, we learn that Lee Whitnum is seeking the Democratic nomination to run in the Fourth Congressional District in Connecticut.

Ms. Whitnum's claim to fame up to know was she was John Kerry's girlfriend between rich wives. She posted some of her thoughts and memories about the junior Senator frmo Massachusetts on the Iternet in 2004 and published a book under a pen name, "Hedge Fund Mistress."

She joins Jim Himes in the Democratic race, telling the Greenwich Time: "I plod along, unlike someone like Jim Himes, who represents the privileged Greenwich person," Whitnum said. "I represent the population of the 4th Congressional District."

She also has a cat, named Mena.


Don Pesci said...
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Don Pesci said...

In Connecticut, where most people vote according to their reflexes, the cat might have a chance.

Aakash said...

I remember, some years ago, that Ann Coulter was wanting to run for the U.S. House, against incumbent "Republican" Chris Shays, on the Libertarian Party ticket.

This is the state where the great Claire Booth Luce once served as a U.S. Congresswoman. (I wish more GOP members of the Congress like that were around today... Very conservative, but critical of the expansion of the welfare-warfare state.)

I am thinking that your state may be one in which the politics may be even worse than in ours...

Then again, it's hard to top our state, in that regard.