13 September 2007

Tag! and other Comical Affairs

Craig and Mary Romney, two emissaries from the Mitt Romney for President campaign, came to UCONN yesterday to advance their cause. According to the Daily Campus, Craig summed up his father's candidacy this way: "It's not that he just looks like a president, but he has values that were similar to those of Presidents Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt," Craig Romney said. Students seemed favorable toward the Romney pitch - "I didn't know a lot about him before today," Roper said. "I was impressed that he didn't shy away from the importance of family values."

The day after a big primary win, Hartford's "Fast Eddie" Perez is back in the news this morning for the continuing debacle regarding renovations to the Mayor's Bloomfield Avenue home. Apparently the electrician who did the electrical work wasn't licensed. The Courant says that's a no-no: "State law makes it illegal both to work as an electrician without a license and to employ an unlicensed electrician; current law calls for a fine of up to $1,000 for a first offense". Oops.

The latest news that general insanity is gripping our nation comes from Colorado Springs, Colorado today, wherein an elementary school banned that insidious children's game, tag. The Courant rightly ridicules the move today in an editorial that shows that, sometimes, even the Courant gets it right. "We're not talking about moto-cross, skydiving or rugby here, we're talking about tag. Do adults fear deep psychic trauma if a child is "it"?" - Courant editorial, 9/13/2007