25 September 2007

Romney Campaign: Vote for Your Favorite Ad

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign offered the public the opportunity to create the next ad for the Romney campaign. Now, you get to vote for your favorite of the top nine ads.


Juan Reynoso said...


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Sept. 25th, 2007
Vote for Ron Paul
I call on Republicans, Democrats and independents to vote for Ron Paul

Today America is at war in two fronts, in Iraq and at home, the Iraq war it is nothing compare to the war we have at home, at home our enemy is with-in our Government, the special interest, the big corporation and the Council on Foreign Relations.
The conspiracy to control the American government, the media and some special interest to form the North American Union has become known to more people over the last two decades.
This invisible government which likes a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation is our enemy with-in. At the head is a small group of banking houses, some big US corporations and some of our elite rich citizens. This little exclusive group runs our foreign policy and our government, for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen...seizes...our executive officers...legislative bodies...schools...courts...newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.
Why do you think that our President George W. Bush, Home land Security, The US Department of Justice, ICE, The US Dept. Of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security some of our States, Cities, the catholic church and some of the congressmen and senators and elected official are pro open border and amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens ?. Why our own people rally in support of an issue that we all know is destroying our country and our way of life?
The answer is plain and simple, they all sell out to the big corporations, the rich elite, and the special interest, which the Council on foreign Relation control, and they become our enemy with-in, that their objective is to form the American Union and destroy our sovereign, our constitution and our country. Day after day we experience the destruction of our country, in our schools, our hospitals, our social service and our cities. Our demand for capital to meet expenses of illegal aliens for social services, education, Medicaid, law enforcement and incarceration run into hundreds of billions nation wide.
The Iraq war cost about $10 billion per month (plus another $1.9 billion per month for Afghanistan), and a total accumulated cost by 2017 of between “about $1 trillion to $1.45 trillion” including both wars and other costs of the Global War on Terror. All of that money we have to barrow it and our national debt is over 10.7 trillions and growing.

The Debt Tax
The debt tax is twenty one cents out of every federal tax dollar. This is the amount required to pay the interest on the existing national debt, and pays nothing toward principal.
The U.S. Congress has done this damage to their constituents in a little over twenty years!
Both Houses of Congress have been unwilling or unable to say no to the President’s disastrous economic and foreign policies. Unfortunately for the future of our nation, Mr. Bush has not seen fit to shrink spending. Despite his rhetoric, his actions show controlling spending has certainly not been one of his priorities.
Our trade Deficit is over $ 59 billions per month. In 2006 the bureau said that the trade deficit or gap between what the United States sells abroad and what it imports, reached a new high of $763.3 billion last year, a 6.5 percent increase over the year before. The deficit was fueled by the continuing need for foreign oil and imports of consumer goods from China and other countries.
China’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) was supposed to improve the U.S. trade deficit with China and create good jobs in the United States. But those promises have gone unfulfilled: the total U.S. trade deficit with China reached $235 billion in 2006. Between 2001 and 2006, this growing deficit eliminated 1.8 million U.S. jobs (Scott 2007). The world’s biggest retailer, U.S.-based Wal-Mart was responsible for $27 billion in U.S. imports from China in 2006 and 11% of the growth of the total U.S. trade deficit with China between 2001 and 2006. Wal-Mart’s trade deficit with China alone eliminated nearly 200,000 U.S. jobs in this period.
The manufacturing sector and its workers were hardest hit by the growth of Wal-Mart’s imports. Wal-Mart’s increased trade deficit with China eliminated 133,000 manufacturing jobs, 68% of those jobs lost from Wal-Mart’s imports. Jobs in the manufacturing sector pay higher wages and provide better benefits than most other industries, especially for workers with less than a college education.
Jobs lost to outsourcing in the US, while more than 400,000 jobs were sent offshore from January 2000 to August 2006. This only means that more companies in the US find the idea of outsourcing jobs wiser to improve their bottom line and profits. That is why there are a large number of total jobs lost to outsourcing.
Jobs lost to Illegal aliens, Harvard Professor George Borjas has reported that illegal aliens displaced American workers at a cost in excess of $133 billion dollars in 2005. No one cannot convince me that if you paid a decent wage to American workers, that they would not take many of these jobs. Drywall hangers, for example, used to make $18, $20 an hour; now the going rate is $8 to $10 an hour. These are jobs that Americans cannot afford to work in because they cannot afford to live in sub-standard living conditions. On the other hand, people who have no interest in this country, who live with 15 adult males, unrelated, in a one-bedroom apartment…and send most of their money back home – They are more than willing to take those jobs. Corruption is the obstacle to economic and social development. That is why it is important to distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. Illegal aliens send home $24 billions Dollars in 2006, that is $24 billion Dollars out of our economic that should create job for Americans, but benefit other foreign countries economics.
Attention Republican National Committee: I know that Congressman Ron Paul scares you; I understand you’re scared of new ideas. But the thing is, they are old ideas; as old as this country.
You need to realize that many people want Ron Paul for our President, They don’t want your candidates that sell out to the Council on Foreign Relations, we are going in the wrong direction and we need a change of direction.
You think Ron Paul has some radical ideas about getting the government off our backs, ending foreign aid and bringing our troops home to protect this country. Those are not radical ideas really, they are the ideas of George Washington, Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan - they are quintessentially conservative ideas. I know you’ve gotten confused about what conservative means but believe me when I say that neo-conservatism is not conservatism.
Ron Paul is a REAL conservative; listen to the roots of the Republican conservative idea of smaller less intrusive government, lower taxes, and more freedom.
Ron Paul is the only Republican who has staked out popular positions on the two most significant issues of the 2008 election cycle. He is anti-occupation and pro-border control. No amount of Bush administration spin is going to change the fact that “the surge” is strategically irrelevant, that the neocon’s Democratic World Revolution is a total failure and that Mexico is being allowed to invade the United States. In short, Ron Paul is the only Republican whose positions on the two primary issues are different than Hillary Clinton’s stance on them, and, more importantly, are more credible and more popular than Hillary Clinton’s. He is the only Republican whose nomination can realistically be considered a potential impediment to what otherwise looks like a Democratic landslide.
Before you support any candidates you should know which of the 2008 candidates, and potential candidates, are current members of this Council on Foreign Relations organization. You will notice that they are from both of the Democrat Party and the Republican Party, men and women.
They are:
Fred Thompson, Michael Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg, Rudy Giuliani
John McCain. Mitt Romney, Jim Gilmore, Newt Gingrich, Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson. If any of these candidates become president he or she will pass an amnesty to illegal aliens and the future of the American working class will be one of an economic slave, and our country will be no more it will become part of the North American Union.
Ron Paul is one of the few candidates who are not members of the CFR. We must vote for him to be our next President.

Juan Reynoso

3406 Maitland
San Antonio, Texas 78259