05 September 2007

Live - Outside

I'm starting now because there is plenty to report.

Talk about debate preparations - here is where the prep work is happening now. The campaigns/issue advocates are penned in a holding area just outside the arena, and they are all putting up 4x8 signs, placards, and balloons. Out along the road, the Ron Paul supporters have deployed, already waving at passersby.

If you are interested in issues, you have your pick out here - war in iraq, chronic disease, AARP, Health care, and on and on, everyone is in Durham tonight with all sorts of fanfare.

Behind the scenes, its the calm before the storm as lists are printed, tables are set, and the debate festivities are about to begin.

I ran into Connecticut GOP's old friend and current NHGOP Chair Fergus Cullen. He is looking good and feeling optimistic as he tends to final details.