05 September 2007

Live - The Last One

The candidates are ready for action. Final mike check. Romney is telling jokes to McCain. Now Rudy and Huckabee are mingling FOX is giving the signal to stop.

See you all on the flip side of the debate. Look for us on FOXNEWS.


Judy Aron said...

According to the Fox News Poll, Ron Paul won the debate. 33% of those people text messaging their vote for the winner of the debate voted for Ron Paul. Sean Hannity seemed pretty perturbed by those results too.

I think it was utterly disgusting how coverage of Ron Paul in this debate was minimized - They didn't even ask him a question about illegal immigration. The Fox moderators went out of their way to push the debate to Romney and Giuliani and McCain. They gave very little time to Dr. Paul except for the little spat he had with Huckabee on the war.

They obviously do not want Ron Paul speaking because the more he speaks the more he gains support.

Given the number of text votes perhaps the Republican party should take a hint as to what Ron Paul is saying and how it is resonating with the people. Less government.

And by the way - one could not text vote from the same cell phone more than once. I tried it.

Guiliani did awful.. and I think everyone is tired of hearing how he was mayor of NYC during 911. His actions as mayor regarding illegal immigration will come back to bite him too.

I thought Mitt Romney came across well. I don't particularly care for him though. His Romneycare is awful.

Thanks for live blogging.

rudy said...

When is the live blog interview with judy aron?