06 September 2007

Happy Trails

Although I haven't posted in some time, our readers may remember me - the verbose, pedantic blogger that TrueBlueCT grew to hate.

I complete my internship with CT GOP tomorrow and return to Harvard University on Saturday. I thank Heath, Chris, and the party faithful for a fun summer. I enjoyed scouring the Internet for the latest buzz on the Republican presidential primary, debating the theory of the Laffer Curve, and defending the College Republicans from Max Blumenthal. I hope that my posts provided some fresh, right-leaning entertainment - and education.

But I couldn't leave without adding my two cents. The Connecticut Republican Party has a lot to offer our state. We have hard-working, intelligent leaders in legislators like Larry Cafero and John McKinney, in mayors like Tim Stewart and Ryan Bingham, and in all our Republican candidates, who deserve a chance to serve their neighbors. We have new ideas in proposing no-tax-increase budgets and better enforcement of the "Three Strikes You're Out" laws. And we have a party of men and women, who after years of being ignored, are itching to show our state what they can do.

Once again, I thank our readers for indulging me. I wish our party well and as our "fiery" Chairman, Chris Healy says,

Keep the faith.


Judy Aron said...

Hey Brian Good Luck to you - Hope you have a great year!
Thanks for your posts!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Brian!

Republicans, especially Reagan Republicans, were anti-tax, less government (keep them out of our pockets), elimination of corruption, and promoted religious and family values. However, this is not true of our modern CT Republicans. In fact, one cannot tell the difference between a liberal and a CT Republican. Rell, and our party allowed the raising of the state income tax. How can that be? Where are the Tom Scott's who were for eliminating the state income tax? Bush has spent more than Clinton! Perhaps its time for the "Reagan Conservative Party."


P Henry said...

Good luck and thanks for all the fish.
The rebuilding of the Republican party has to start at the grassroots.

And by grassroots I mean door to door education of what years of liberalism and unchecked power has done to this state.

I am adrift, I used to call myself a republican, but no more. I got to believe I am not alone, I got to believe there must be thousands of people like me in CT just shaking our heads at the sheer lunacy of what passes for government in this state.

Example: In our town after large increases in taxes for schools and just about everything else the Library decided they needed to 4X the square footage and 3X the staff, it was soundly defeated. Only one politician came out and said "hopefully, they will come back with a reduced proposal", that was the Republican 1st Selectman.

The people spoke, yet he did not hear. A pox on all your houses, and leave mine alone.

Old Biker said...

WOW! Have I found the other 2 conservatives in CT. I knew there had to be more. LOL!!

I never quite know how to put this, but I left the Republican party last year. I am not ashamed to say that I am officially registered as a Libertarian now. I know they won't win many elections around here, but I needed to pick a team that more closely represents my beliefs.

The last straw was Jodi's proposed budget and the 10% increase in the income tax. If that's Republican, then that aint' me. Buhh - buy Repuplicrats.

Sadly, there is no Republican party in CT. It's gone, kaput. They are no more effective than a dime store squirt gun fighting a forest fire. Those that claim to be Republicans are little different than their left leaning socialists opponents, and they are socialists by any measure.

Anonymous said...

"Old Biker,"

Good for you for having convictions and sticking to them, which cannot be said for the CT Republicans/liberals. There are few conservatives left in the CT Republican party. "Mamma" Rell and the rest are Republican in name only. They ought to change party affiliation. :-)

The CT Republicans are socialists just like the CT liberals. I suppose things went down hill when Lowell "Nobody's Man But Yours" Weicker was a CT Republican, you know the guy who said that instituting a state income tax would be like "throwing gasoline on the fire"??? By the way, we still have a state income tax and our socialist friends just love it! Or how about when Chris Shays held a ridiculous "town hall meeting" to decide whether he should impeach Clinton? It was pure showmanship. The bumb already knew what he was going to do being the Benedict Arnold that he is (also from CT, and would no doubt be a CT Republican) Oh, and the many CT Republicans who voted for Leiberman (a socialist in his own right)only supports the idea that CT Republicans have no conviction!

"Old Biker," I suppose it's time for me to go as well!


P Henry said...


Hey guys come over to cttaxed.com

We are not alone. Tell your friends.

P Henry