19 September 2007

The Grim Reaper


MrsL9512 said...

Mr.Dionne, well-known left winger, neglects to mention that anyone not purchasing health insurance will be placed in a federal government program, like Medicare, or should be call it HillarycareII, obviously requiring a huge new bureaucracy. Her rescinding the Bush tax cuts will result in less federal revenue, not more.

MrsL9512 said...

Mrsl9512 back again. Tune in Sunday to Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday for exclusive with Hillary. Hope he has done his homework and questions her aggressively re HillaryCareII. The more youlearn about it, the crazier it gets. How about not being able to apply for a job or to have a job interview unless you have health care insurance. Maybe the company you are applying for a job at offers health care coverage. The Heritage Foundation has done some checking on her plan and says it will cost billions over 10 years, not the $100 million she says.